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Cable train Bolivariano, Caracas, Venezuela

AC IndustRail - Cabletren Bolivariano

Overcoming environmental limits of a Metro with AC Industrail participation

In Caracas, soil conditions prohibited the use of a Metro. The elevated Cable Liner® system design of Doppelmayr Cable Car keeps its column and foundation footprint to a minimum, thus allowing the guideway to run through one of the most densely populated areas in Caracas. With the state-of-the-art stationary propulsion concept of Doppelmayr Cable Car, train and structure weight on the columns are kept to a minimum.

The adaptable technology of Doppelmayr Cable Car presented an answer when building the system as a Metro line was impossible.

The installation features a Pinched Loop configuration. This configuration enables the system length and passenger capacity to increase by use of multiple rope loops per guideway lane and allows more vehicles to be used within the system. Furthermore, the walkthrough trains of Doppelmayr Cable Car are excellent for public transportation’s demands.

If you’re interested, take a look to the video in YouTube

Transportation sector

Sector ferroviario - AC Industrail

AC Industrail assists railway companies worldwide with a dedicated team of engineers and partners who have a comprehensive knowledge of actual technologies, standards and work techniques.

AC Industrail work in partnership with our clients to provide tangible benefits. Our consolidated knowledge with many years of experience specially in the Railway sector is your benefit.

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Industrial sector

AC IndustRail - sector industrial

The manufacturing industry within Europe has faced stiff competition from international markets within. Faced with reducing costs and overheads to remain competitive, as well as integrating ever changing technologies, it has never been so critical to ensure a business has the right resources.

Businesses in both -Europe & Asisa, and worldwide turn to find the right experts that will be able to help them with any number of challenges particularly prevalent in today’s engineering, manufacturing and logistics sector.

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