Soluciones y servicios globales - AC Industrail

Who are we?

AC Industrail is an engineering and management consulting firm that provides services worldwide. With over two decades of rich and multi-disciplinary experience in the industry we have successfully executed projects across diverse sectors, but mainly in the railway industry.

What we do?

We are currently delivering some of the most modern projects while finding optimal solutions to complex challenges in the railway industry. In every role, from consultant and manager to contractor, and in every sector, from manufacturing to transportation, we lead teams that are empowered to deliver successful projects.

We strive to create positive project culture containing the key elements of values, norms and principles. We work as our client’s partner to ensure project success.

A positive team culture for positive results.

How we do it?

We have the ability to implement positive change resulting from our deep understanding of leadership and management from our experience in numerous projects.

We have a clear focus on the needs of our clients and work to constantly deliver projects on time and within budget. Our clients have a responsive and transparent relationship with us, while we solve their engineering and management challenges.


Established in 2003 and based in Barcelona-Spain, our network of offices in Spain and South Arabia allows us to understand and resolve challenges locally, while our clients retain a single point of contact.

AC Industrail has a long track record of providing world-class services, helping to resolve complex issues, and developing business solutions that consistently lead to client success locally and internationally.


We combine a distinctive package of industry expertise, global reach, engineering, consulting and management capabilities as our competitive edge and value added.

AC Industrail is committed to the very highest standards of service, placing great emphasis on continuous improvement and quality service offerings. We believe in serving our clients with integrity and value added engineering and management services, with excellence and high regards to timeliness of deliverables.