Project management

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It is often hard to reconcile the conflicting demands of day-to-day management of the business and major project management. When this issue arises, AC Industrail will be able to support clients by supplying anyone from a single project management consultant to a team of project specialists.


Project management encompasses all management tasks, organizational techniques and resources for successful completion of a project. A project describes the activities involved in a particular business transaction and the term is defined in DIN 69901.

A single person or even several thousand people can be involved in completing a project. Project management tools therefore range from simple checklists to complex organizational structures using modern management tools including special software.

Project Management - AC Industrail


One of the main tasks of project management is carried out before the start of the project , to establish the most suitable type of organization, with a clear division of tasks, and the project management tools that best fit your project. Using all the methods in a small project would overload the administration, calling the cost-benefit ratio into question.

A comprehensive understanding of our client‘s business and objectives translates into successful project management. Whatever the nature or complexity of the challenge, we have the right skills and experience on our register to help.

We would be very happy to support you in planning and implementing your project, with our particular expertise in the area of railway projects.