AC Industrail combines leadership and seniority with deep industry expertise to help resolve a wide range of engineering and management challenges faced by our clients.

Whether supporting growth initiatives or demands for improved performance, we develop practical solutions founded on solid data, robust analysis, creative thinking, and close collaboration and partnership with client’s teams and objectives to ensure results.

Time is a key factor in projects for the industrial sector. AC Industrail understands that the key to success in these projects is meticulous micro level planning, prioritization and integration of engineering and management skills.

Like the industries we serve – engineering, manufacturing and transportation – we operate worldwide. Because the industries we serve are interrelated, we leverage expertise across practices to develop well-rounded, pragmatic analyses and actionable recommendations. We work with the client to design a program that will most effectively achieve specific goals and help in the decision-making process.

With over two decades in the industry, AC Industrail has partnered with some of the country’s most diverse organizations across almost every industry sector. From audits to feasibility studies to complete project management, we have successfully delivered with excellence. Our list of ever-growing clients is a testimony to our dedication and achievements.

Cases & experiences
AC IndustRail - Cabletren Bolivariano

Cable train Bolivariano, Caracas, Venezuela

Overcoming environmental limits of a Metro with AC Industrail participation
In Caracas, soil conditions prohibited the use of a Metro. The elevated Cable Liner® system design…


Sector ferroviario - AC Industrail

Transportation sector

AC Industrail assists railway companies worldwide with a dedicated team of engineers and partners who have a comprehensive knowledge of actual technologies, standards and work…


AC IndustRail - sector industrial

Industrial sector

The manufacturing industry within Europe has faced stiff competition from international markets within. Faced with reducing costs and overheads to remain competitive, as well as…