Interim management

AC IndustRail - interim management


Interim management offers ideal support for you and your company for the most varied requirements and for immediate hands-on support through periods of growth, change, or loss of key management.


Interim management is the best possible additional aid for company management when facing very different and challenging situations such us:

• Cases of insolvency
• Business transitions and successions
• Purchase or sale of a business unit or the entire company
• Staff bottlenecks
• Corporate restructuring
• Crisis management


The interim solution to engineering and management is certainly convenient, and almost certainly the most cost-effective approach. What is often overlooked though, is that the independent view and broad perspective are more likely to be accepted throughout the organization, resulting in the buy-in to the new scenario. These skills are the reason our experienced consultants and specialists are in such high demand.

Explore how our expertise and speed makes us a global resource in interim management for any of these business challenges.