Quality management

AC IndustRail - control de calidad


Quality management is one of the “core tasks” of the management and the board of every firm.

Supplying customers with faulty products weakens your market position considerably. The success of your company and the loyalty of your customers can only be ensured in the long term if you have a consistent quality policy that is understood by your staff so they can put it into practice every day.

Only if you have worked in both settings you can know the expectations of the customer and the mechanisms for operating a proactive quality policy as a supplier to satisfy customer expectations.


AC Industrail presents practical solutions to companies that are struggling to obtain their first certification or working to be certified or improve in new areas of business.

AC Industrail reviews company’s needs, then responds with menu options that meet the company’s budget and schedule. During this assessment phase, we help the client with the:

  • Definition of test processes, taking into account technical and contractual requirements, in accordance with national and international standards and guidelines (DIN EN, NFPA 130, ASTM etc.). Our core competence is in the railway industry.
  • Acceptance of systems and components.
  • Supplier selection processes.
  • Supplier audits.
  • First Article Inspections (FAI).
  • Supplier support (boosting efficiency).
  • Definition of adhesive processes (adhesive selection) as per DVS 3310, DIN EN 6701.
  • Evaluation of adhesive processes as per DVS 3310, DIN EN 6701.
  • Acceptance of adhesive joints as per DVS 3310, DIN EN 6701.

Our most significant area of expertise is centered in the rail sector


Clients rely on AC Industrail to help with international standards that are a prerequisite to selling products and services to large multinational companies or entering foreign markets directly.

Our programs can help you achieve first-time quality and reduce waste.